Virtual Reality Experience: The Victoria Theatre, Opening Night 1891

Using the latest virtual reality technology developed by the University of Newcastle, the oldest theatre in NSW is being brought back to life two generations after the Victoria closed. Be transported into the opulent and exotic interior of the late-19th century Victoria Theatre. Participants can meander through the foyers and three levels of stalls, circle and gallery before viewing the stage as it was nearly 130 years ago.

You have entered a genie’s bottle – an Aladdin’s cave.

Please join us to experience the Victoria Theatre as it would have been in 1891 but in it's present day state. Century is working hard to clean out the debris and to bring the Victoria Theatre back to life. Entry is by ticket only. There are numerous 30 minute sessions running throughout the day on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th November. Each session is for a maximum of 4 participants. To secure your tickets, visit